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January 14, 2010
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Flippy's eyes turned yellow and malicious. His breathing became slow and loud enough for everyone to hear. His fangs perked up at the sides, turning them into a horrible, psychotic smile. He laughed evilly. He glanced over at a terrified green raccoon. "Yes," he thought. He would be the first victim. He leaped into the kitchen, terrifying all the animals in there. He searched for a weapon, finding a large knife near the ribs. He looked for the green raccoon that he decided to kill. He saw him, but this time without his hat. "Oh well. I don't kill based on hats." He thought to himself before slicing his knife through his victim's tail. Lifty screamed as the metal knife made contact with his flesh. Being drunk, he reflexes were very bad and he was extremely dizzy. Flippy poised the knife right under Lifty's throat and he prepared to slice. Right before he could kill the drunken animal, Mackenzie grabbed the knife and it flew across the room to the front door.
   "Hey, guys, I heard there was a party, so I"- Lumpy opened the front door, (He wasn't invited, BTW) and the knife went through his chest, and he broke off his sentence, coughing up blood. Soon, he fell to the ground, dead. The blood kept spreading and Petunia was starting to hyperventilate. Handy hugged her and calmed her down enough to stop crying.
  However, Flippy was still in his crazy mode. He reached for another knife and headed towards Mackenzie.
     "This is for ruining my kill, you filthy canine!" He snarled at her, baring his gleaming fangs that now seemed to turn red from the splatter of Lumpy's blood.
    "Why the heck do I have so many freaking knives!?!?" She whispered to herself.
Mackenzie knew she couldn't win against Flippy, so she grabbed a knife and threw it at him as quick as possible. He caught it in his hand and laughed.
  Flaky knew that if Flippy killed Mackenzie, everyone else would be soon to follow. She remembered the time she threw a surprise birthday party for Flippy, and how everything had gone wrong. She thought of the one thing she could do to save everyone's life. She leaped in front of Flippy, fastened her arms around his neck, and kissed him full on the lips. Flippy's eyes widened, and the yellow started to fade as he closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Flaky's back.
   "Lifty! Are you okay!?!?" Shifty called, seeing his brother bleeding on the ground.
    "Yeah, I'm fine. Stupid bear thing, stabbing me with a knife." Lifty tried to stand up, but he quickly fell back to the puddle of blood he made on the floor.
     "Oh, what now? The bear and the porcupine are making out now?!?" Lifty muttered as he coughed.
    Nutty walked in from the bathroom. He stared at Lumpy's carcass, Flippy and Flaky, a blood covered scene, Russell muttering to himself, while the iPod played "Fireflies".
  "Aw, Dangit! How come I always miss the good stuff?" Nutty screamed to himself.
   "Okay, everyone! Dinner's ready!" He heard Mackenzie yell from the kitchen.
  "Never mind!" He said to himself as he giggled insanely and stumbled towards the dinner table. He sat down at the table while Mackenzie gave him a piece of fried chicken and some mashed potatoes. He oooed at them while Mackenzie brought out a huge bag of sugar. He stared at it for a second before laughing psychotically and zooming towards the heavenly food. But, before he could get there, Mackenzie smacked him in the face with a frying pan.
   "Hee heh he hee heeeEeEEe… Owww….." Nutty muttered and spat out a blood-covered tooth. Mackenzie stood over him and tried to hold back a giggle.
   "Now, Nutty. You know you're one of my very best friends, right?" Mackenzie started in a slow, calm voice. Nutty nodded vigorously.
   "Good. Now, I'll let you have some sugar if you promise not to pour it over everyone else's food. And if they ask for some, you have to give it to them. Am I perfectly clear?" Nutty thought for a moment, and his googly eye went off in all directions. Suddenly he put his fingers to his forehead in salute.
  "Mackenzie, I solemnly swear to share the sugar, not eat all of it, and not pour it on people who don't want it!!!!" Nutty yelled.
  "Good. Now, go eat." The blue wolf replied, handing the energetic squirrel his sugar.

    "Ah, that was the best meal I've had in ages!" Handy said to Petunia, who was sitting next to him.
  "I'm glad you think so, Handy." Mackenzie spoke to the orange beaver. She realized with a start she had no idea where Lifty was. His brother had fallen asleep on the couch with his fedora over his face. The wolf sighed, until she heard Nutty's scream.
    She ran into the kitchen, only to see Lifty's corpse mixed into the brownie mix.
   "Oh God…" she muttered, half to herself. What happened here? She wondered until she could smell the alcohol on Lifty's blood. Then she suddenly understood. The sly green raccoon must have been too drunk to see where he was going and fell right into the mixer. She exchanged a glance with Nutty.
   "Can this be our dirty little secret?" The disgusted canine asked. Nutty nodded, who, for the first time, seemed disturbed and completely grossed out at the thought of sugar. Mackenzie dared to dip her finger in the bloody brownie mixture. She took a deep breath and brought her finger to her mouth. She popped in her mouth and tasted it. Her eyes widened.
   "Wow, this is even better than before!!" She spoke excitedly while Nutty sampled some for himself. He did his signature giggle and jumped around.
    "Wow, this is going to be even better when we bake it!!!" Nutty realized.
   "I know! Raccoon blood: Who woulda thought it'd be a pimp secret ingredient?" The blue wolf agreed. "Let's just say we put in some red food dye. That's believable, right?" Mackenzie asked Nutty as she put the brownies in the oven. Nutty just giggled wildly. Soon those brownies would be his!

     Flaky was sitting alone on a chair in the living room; she was listening to "My Bloody Valentine" on her iPod nano. She blushed when she saw Flippy walk over to her.
    "Hello, Flaky. What song are you listening to?" Flippy asked politely.
    "Oh, um…, I'm L-Listening to uh, "My Bloody Valentine." Y'know, from Good Charlotte?" Flaky stammered.
  "Oh yes, I'm quite familiar with them. I didn't you liked that kind of music." Flippy spoke kindly, and sat down in a chair next to the small red porcupine.
   "Y-yep…, I guess... I'm a girl of many interests." Flaky muttered, still nervously stammering and chewing on her lip.
   "You certainly are." Flippy chuckled. "Hey, can I talk to you alone real quick?"He asked Flaky.
    The porcupine stared at him in sheer astonishment. After a brief hesitation, she let Flippy grab her hand and lead her into the bathroom.
okay, srsly. lifty would taste delicious on brownies. And OMG FLIPPYXFLAKY-NESS!!!!!! I TOLDS YOU FOO'S IT WAS COMING! MackenzieXRussell in next chapter, super swear! Or y'know, not... oh, and if you are wondering why Flaky kissed flippy, because you are a Flippy fangirl *coughcoughALEcough*, or you dislike FxF, I don't know what to tell you. flaky did the first thing that came to her mind. Yeah. kissing him was first on the list. Hee hee... i like Lumpy's death.
But, what could Flippy want to say to Flaky? Why is he leading into the only bathroom in the house with a doorway to a locked bedroom? Will they do it? Or I am just teling you lies to build your suspense? Find out in the next chapter!!! Or DIE. :iconragefaceplz:
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